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Health and Fitness Android Mobile App Logic Station

 The fitness measurement module provides the facility to calculate the different fitness values for the self-assessment of body fitness. The health tips module provides different ideas and information to the application users to maintain good health and also includes important safety measures from diseases while similarly, the health websites models provide links of useful websites which provides useful health and fitness information. The weight reduces module provides the facility of calculating calories required to reduce, maintain and gaining weight. Conventionally, the people have to meet doctors, nutritionists and laboratories to conduct fitness tests and get health tips. This process was time-consuming and complex. In the manual system, it was also difficult for people to find the time and meet doctors that were also expensive. This application allows the user to enter the required data and get the desired error-free results intently at their smartphone. This application is developed by using JAVA as back-end tool and XML is used to develop the front end user interface and many world health organization fitness formulas are used to get authentic results.